Canterbury/West Coast Report, August 2021

Some regional news from our clubs:

Hakatere Ceramics and Pottery Inc
We, like the rest of NZ, have been inundated with requests for pottery lessons. Typically it’s younger mums who seem to be most interested and are more likely to become a member after lessons. We had a Bingo fundraiser night prior to going into Covid alert level 4 which was a huge success, raising $1800 and having an awesome time. Alert level 4 has thrown us in chaos again but it has also given us lots of opportunities to do things around our homes that we might not normally have the time to do. Those who have home studios will have had plenty of time to create some fantastic Exhibition worthy projects. One of our members who’s name I can’t mention, has vowed not to shave until lockdown ends.  Unfortunately his iPhone’s face recognition won’t unlock his phone anymore lol. Hopefully we can get back to a new normal soon, happy potting everyone.

Canterbury Potters Association
Our recent activities have included a Video and Pizza night, looking at some of our old videos of workshops led by Len Castle and John Calver, an afternoon tea to celebrate Frederika Ernsten on her retirement as tutor of many years, and a 2-day workshop by Renate Galetzka.
CPA has followed the world-wide trend and changed to Cone 6 glazing. A lot of testing has been done all year to finally get a lovely range of glazes. We are reassessing our clays as some will not vitrify at Cone 6, SC80, Slab and Macs Classic White for example.
Our Tutors all have full classes for Term 3 with large waiting lists. Wednesday Club Day continues to grow and is a wonderful way to meet new members, swap ideas and techniques.
We are excited to have applied for and been granted funds from Pub Charity to purchase two new and much needed replacement kilns. We will be getting a Front Loading Kiln, Potclays EP56, and a Cob Craft Octagon 3.
We are also getting underway with planning for this year’s exhibition at Canterbury Museum in November – CPA’s 48th annual exhibition.  COVID permitting, a note for CPA members out there that the date for submitting pots is Thursday 14 October 2021.

South Canterbury Potters
This Month all members have completed their exhibition works for our 49 th Annual Exhibition at Aigantighe Art  Gallery  Timaru from the 18 th Sept – 18 th October titled The Alchemists fortunately just before Lock Down – Phew!!! Ian Dalsell has accepted to be our selector & Guest Potter along with Mandy Gargiulo as a guest potter. The SCPG has recently received from Stoke on Trent our New Front Load Kiln which has been firing like a dream. Planning commences shortly for our extension of the Kiln room incorporating a drying room to the mix. All Classes are full to capacity tutoring 4 nights a week along with a strong membership and waiting list. Keep Safe everyone – make the most of our free time enabling us to be creative without interruption from our obligations outside of lockdown. As Potters I think we are very privileged on our journey with Clay – Total fulfillment for the Mind – Body – Soul.

Till next time