Canterbury/West Coast Report, September 2021

Ashburton Pottery Group
The group has as usual enjoyed the company of getting together with other members and sharing skills. Members have put a lot of time into helping young people from the Christian School learn the skills of working with clay and despite the interruption of Covid are maintaining this contact. The members and children are both enjoying this experience.

Hakatere Pottery Group
The group are all working towards the annual Exhibition which is on from the 6th to the 14th November 2021.  Ian Dalzeil and Sue Pigeon (Kotuku Pottery) West Coast are the guest potters. This year they are exhibiting in the Masonic Centre, just behind the Council Chambers on Havelock St.  There have been many wonderful and different pieces coming through the kilns so if you are around Ashburton during the Exhibition make sure you call in for a chat. There is still a lot of inquiry for classes and 100% of the latest class intend to become members. Hopefully all plans will come to fruition and covid doesn’t interfere. They are keeping their clay levels higher than normal though, just in case of worsening supply issues.

South Canterbury Potters have also had an excellent exhibition recently.  Ian Dalzeil and Sue Pigeon were also guest potters and they were very impressed with the standard and originality of the work exhibited. People may have seen Sue and Ian on social media recently.