The 50th Annual Exhibition of the Waikato Society of Potters was postponed in October 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions and delays and was held on 27 May – 27 June 2022 at ArtsPost Hamilton. Congratulations to this year’s winners:

  • WSP Premier Award: Diane Parker, Turn The Tables
  • WSP Premier Emerging Artist Award: Peter Black, Gold Bowl
  • Primo Clays Award: Adia S Ma, Black & white
  • Abbots Glazes Award: Julie Christine, Metissage
  • Hamilton Pottery Tools Award: Emma Meyers, Vessel 1 and Vessel 2
  • Tile Challenge Award: Susan Flight: Storm
  • Best Mug Award: Ginny Lane, Espresso
  • Macs Mud Clay Company Award (1st): Libby Cameron, Kraka-Lacken: The Kraken of Depression
  • Macs Mud Clay Company Award (joint 2nd): Emma Meyers: Ode to a Nikau
  • Macs Mud Clay Company Award (joint 2nd): Yasmin Davis, Pods
  • Waikato Society of Potters People’s Choice Award: Margaret Raine The Log House
Driving Creek Pottery has had a busy time with Lily Hammer, Bridget Boot, Lou Wild and Sarah Harrison as resident artists and Ceramics NZ life member Anneke Borren, Philippa Boy visiting and volunteering as well to finish projects of their own.
Bethlehem Pottery Club is excited to announce the inaugural Cape to Cape ceramic exhibition, an inclusive new opportunity for our creative neighbours to join us in celebrating our earthy craft. Embracing our friends from the Coromandel to the East Cape and as far south as Taupo, Cape to Cape welcomes all potters of all levels to share their work with us.
We wish to acknowledge this special part of our land, where many hands have and continue to imaginatively shape clay, and to ignite some new energy into our local ceramic scene.
All entries will be viewed by one of New Zealand’s renowned ceramic artists, and selected pieces will be exhibited in the spring. Submit your entry online and be a part of Cape of Cape 2022. For full details go to:…/