Meagan Blake – Ceramics New Zealand Honorary Lifetime Membership


The 2022/2023 Executive Council are pleased to award honorary life membership in CANZ be awarded to Meagan Blake.  As administrator and executive director Meagan worked tirelessly to further the organisation, often above and beyond the scope of her role.

Her work over nearly 10 years helped raise the profile of CANZ, connect our community and strengthen the ceramics sector in New Zealand more broadly.  She has generously donated a huge amount of her time towards the organisation and continues to offer guidance and assistance regularly  As an association we are forever grateful for her work toward programmes such as getting the Ceramics New Zealand magazine launched, several touring potter programmes, changing the name of the organisation, launching a new website, and more.  

While not a practising potter, Meagan’s contributions to the clay community in New Zealand are unparalleled and for this we felt the only appropriate way to thank her and recognise her contributions was to offer her honorary life membership in the organisation.


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