2023 AGM Minutes

2023 AGM Agenda Minutes

Date: 15 October, 2023  4pm to 5:30pm

Presented By
1Welcome and karakiaNicole
2Apologies:Karla Marie, Nicole Kolig, Marama Mayrick
Present:Nicole Gaston, Kate Fitzharris, Jo Howard, Liz Rowe, Bronwyn Mohring, Duncan Shearer, Briar Monro, Siriporn Falcon-Grey, Lois Orchard, Yasmin Fransmayr, Holly Morgan, Elise Johnson, Julie Cromwell, Angela Williams, Scott Brough, Peter Hosegood, Margaret bray, Alexandra Grace.
3Acceptance of 2022 AGM minutes
Noted establishment International RCM – Graham Hay
Moved by:  Yasmin FransmayrSeconded by: Duncan ShearerNicole
4Acting President’s Report
5Acceptance of 2022 Annual reportMoved by:  Kate FitzharrisSeconded by: Lois OrchardNicole
6Acceptance of 2022 Financial report
Lois comments that savings are good in term deposit, but also that it is good to be used. We are always open for suggestions for projects.
Discussion of Hann Loren estate and removal from balance sheet, prior encouragement for bequests.
Moved by:  Briar MonroSeconded by: Kate FitzharrisNicole
7Updates to constitution reviewed and accepted.
All available to read on website
Moved by:  Briar MonroSeconded by: Siriporn Falcon-GreyNicole
8Draft strategic plan 2025 – 2027.process & how we got there (Briar)present draft strategic plan, ask for feedback & questions (Nicole)
Resolution to accept Strategic Plan.

Moved by:  Kate FitzharrisSeconded by: Nicole Gaston
Nicole & Briar
9Set membership fees to $0 for 1st December 2023 – 30th November 2024.
To be reviewed at AGM 2024.
Moved by:  Briar MonroSeconded by: Lois OrchardNicole
10Confer Honorary life membership:
Meagan Blake
Moved by:  Nicole GastonSeconded by:Yasmin FranzmayrNicole
11Election of officers
Motion that we have 2 co-chairs (replacing President & Vice)

Co-chair – Nicole GastonRCM Northland – Julie CromwellRCM Auckland – Siriporn Falcon-GreyRCM Central North Island – Yasmin FranzmayrRCM Wellington & Western Districts ) – Karla MarieRCM Nelson/Marlborough  _ thomas BakerRCM Canterbury – Lois OrchardRCM Otago & Southland – Kate FitzharrisRCM Global Networks – Graham Hay

Moved by:  Lois OrchardSeconded by: Siriporn Falcon-Grey
Moved by:  Lois OrchardSeconded by: Siriporn Falcon-Grey 
Quarry Ceramic Awards were presented on Friday night. All works are available to view online through The Quarry website.
First artist in residence appointed at The Kilns, Te Horo: Adrienne Risley.
Suggestion for Soda Firer for touring potter
Duncan proposes CANZ explore mentorships – like Handshake Program, Mystery Creek.
13Close of meeting and karakia
Meeting ended 5.27pm