We are going fees-free in 2024!

Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM in October.  Apologies for not getting the news out sooner — I had planned to send it before I went overseas but ran out of time and was still in the process of testing the new membership database on the website.   In the meantime quite a few people have discovered the new form and tested it out for me and it seems to be working, so I figured I might as well send this out and if we run into any technical issues we can deal with them later 🙂

ICYMI one of the key parts of the AGM was a proposed motion to set the membership fees to $0 for 2024 along with our draft strategic plan and some updates to the Ceramics NZ Constitution.

We are very pleased to announce that all of these motions were passed and new applications for 2024 membership are now open! We’ve eliminated the different membership tiers and the fees-free option is available to both individuals and clubs.

AGM minutes are now available on our website (Shout out to Kate Fitzharris for being an excellent minute-taker!).

Existing members can expect to hear from us before the end of the year to confirm your membership has been renewed. 

You may get a notification your membership or magazine subscription has been cancelled while we change over systems.  Don’t panic!

If you have renewed your Studio membership since January 2023 or your magazine-only subscription since July 2023 you will receive the 2nd 2023 issue.  If not, the 2023 Issue 2 will be available for purchase as a single issue once it is published (December).

From next year there will be the options to purchase a 1-year magazine subscription or individual issues rather than the Studio membership tier or reoccurring 6-monthly magazine-only subscription.

If you have any questions about your magazine subscription please get in touch with us.

If you aren’t sure about your Association membership, or you don’t hear from us about renewal, please go ahead and re-apply for membership using the button above just to we can make sure we haven’t missed anyone!