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For a number of years NZ Potters Inc has been collecting the marks used by potters from New Zealand over the years to identify their work. Recently the marks collected to date were published in a book Marks of New Zealand Potters. has collected these marks in a website database for the convenience of those wishing to identify a particular mark.

Click here to go to the list of potters' marks.

This is an on-going project with new marks being added to the website database.

Instructions for Getting Your Potters Mark onto our website and into future Ceramics NZ publications

  • Download and print out the Potters Mark form by clicking the below
  • Draw your mark(s) on the form (or you can email photographs of your mark(s).
  • Send the form to CANZ Potters Marks- address below.

If you know of potters who do not belong to Ceramics NZ and who have a mark, please let them have a copy of the form or give us their contact details.

Send your marks form to:

Ceramics NZ Marks
C/-  Executive Director
Ceramics NZ,
PO Box 14680,
Wellington 6241

Click here to download and print the Potter's Mark pdf form
Click here to download and print the Potter's Mark Word doc form

You could attach your form to an email and send it to:

Ceramics NZ Executive Director:

Marks of New Zealand Potters - A Comprehensive Directory 2007

Published by NZ Potters Inc

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A timely and invaluable guide for dealers and collectors, illustrating over 1500 of the marks used by New Zealand potters and ceramic artists from 1930s to 2007 and published in a convenient handbook format.

*Wholesale price for bulk orders on application to NZ Potters Inc

ISBN: 978-0-473-12763-3

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