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Title Woodstoke 2020
Category Festival
Dates Thursday October 15, 2020 - Sunday October 18, 2020
Description Woodstoke 2020

Once again the fires will be lit.
Once again we will gather to share our stories.
Once again a chance to learn.

This year Woodstoke 2020 will re-kindle the embers still alight from four years ago in a field in the Coromandel.

Dates: Thursday 15th October to Sunday 18th October

Woodstoke 2020 is all about a gathering of people, connected by the process of transforming living clay into art through the magic of wood firing. It is a chance for answers, a chance to converge and tell our stories. A place for the regeneration of our tribe. A time for experiential learning for participants and guests.

For more information and to book please visit our website: www.woodstoke.co.nz Find us on Instagram and Facebook (links on website)


Registrations cost $350 - includes dinner on Friday and Saturday, tea & coffee.

Registrations for Woodstoke open at 9am on 1st August and we have a site limit of 80 participants - so first in, first served. There is no accommodation on-site, Whangamat? is only 10 minutes drive away and has lots of places to stay.

Here's our line up so far - Kiln Masters

Maureen Allison Maureen will be in charge of her large Anagama kiln. This firing will already be underway when you arrive on Thursday and Maureen will be needing willing stokers to continue firing through until late Friday night.

Paul Maseyk Paul is in charge of the kiln built by Isaac Patmore during last Woodstoke. Paul was inspired by Isaac’s kiln and went home to build his own version in Taranaki, now a skilled master in firing this style of kiln, Paul will need a crew to load and fire this kiln.

Duncan Shearer Duncan is in charge of the tunnel kiln and will fire in the provincial French style of terracotta ware. Raw glazed terracotta, rich with slipping, will be loaded and nursed to top temperature of 1150 over 16 hours, with varying atmospheric conditions.

Louis Kittleson Louis is in charge of the kiln built in 2012 by Gyan. This innovative bottle kiln design will need to be loaded and fired over 3 days and finished with a charcoal loading to slow cool the kiln under reduction. Sign up on Thursday to be one of the crew.

Makers / Collaborators

Darryl Frost. Elena Renker, Laurie Steer, Anneke Borren, Mike O’Donnell, Fiona Tunnicliffe. We’ve chosen a diverse range of makers to inspire and challenge you. Each maker is encouraged to be spontaneous and to build work collaboratively with the other guest makers and participants. The clay will be various local clays and additions like river sands or other found materials is to be encouraged. Some of the work will be for the various firings if suitable.

Come and join us for a magical gathering of fire and friendships.
Website http://www.woodstoke.co.nz
Contact Louis Kittleson for more information: tokateaclayworks@gmail.com