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Title NUku - a group exhibition.
Category Exhibition
Dates Saturday November 28, 2020 - Sunday February 28, 2021
Location Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Auckland
Description Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari k? he toa takitini | My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, it was not individual success but the success of a collective

NUku offers a ceramic journey from an indigenous perspective and brings together both emergent and established artists as well as members of the Maori clay artist collective, Ng? Kaihanga Uku.

Combining the concept of nuku, uku and inherently referencing Papat??nuku, NUku is an exhibition of ceramics that celebrates collaboration and culture from an indigenous perspective. Whakapapa enriched, each artist brings their unique contribution, sharing a united passion. Together we are more.

Featuring: Baye Riddell, Wi Taepa, Carla Ruka, Amorangi Hikuroa, Stevei Houkamau, Hana Rakena, Alix Ashworth, Maria Brockhill, Tracy Darren Keith, Todd Douglas, Yvonne Tana.

Supported by Ng? Kaihanga Uku, the Karekare Residency Trust, and curated by Carla Ruka.

Presented alongside Portage 2020

Images (from left): Amorangi Hikuroa, Alix Ashworth, Maria Brockhill, Stevei Houkamau
Website https://www.teuru.org.nz/
Contact Lawrence Ewing for more information: info@teuru.org.nz