Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring/Summer 2023


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This issue of Ceramics NZ magazine champions the social power of ceramics, with a fascinating short history of The Canterbury Potters’ Association, honouring the club’s recent 60th anniversary. We share a glimpse of the phenomenal work featured in Baye Riddell’s new book on Māori clay artists collective, Ngā Kaihanga Uku. From local to global, we visit the recent outcome of World Clay Collab – a project years in the making, connecting ceramicists across oceans. On an individual level, Julie Cromwell highlights the nourishing force of alternative firings, and Rachel Horne describes the calming effects of repetitive making.

From social, creative and emotional fuel to holdable touchstones – clay’s material liveliness often radiates from hand-made ceramic objects. Here we look at the organic treasures of Olivia Asher, the group show Pieces Spaces Species, and new work by Savannah Mattyakovszky – a cast of practitioners operating with their muddy fingers on the contemporary pulse.