Ceramics Association of New Zealand Membership

Ceramics NZ is New Zealand’s national organisation for artists and craftspeople who work with clay, collectors and curators of New Zealand ceramics, and anyone else with a passion for pottery. As a member of Ceramics NZ, you are contributing to a national organisation, able to lobby at local and national level on behalf of the ceramics community. We are committed to building a strong, diverse national community that celebrates the knowledge and skill of New Zealand potters and collaborates with other organisations to support the arts in Aotearoa.

Ceramics New Zealand Membership is free for 2024.

Ceramics Association of New Zealand

Creating an inclusive, supportive environment with opportunities for connection and collaboration.

Making education and resources accessible, sharing knowledge, and providing pathways for growth.

Honouring what has come before in order to create a vibrant future.

Membership benefits

  • Members can enjoy the benefits of exhibiting in national and regional exhibition.
  • Members are invited to take part in workshops with touring master class potters.
  • Members have access to a dedicated website with latest ceramics news and events.
  • Membership gives you national representation on a legislative level and the opportunity to become part of our national community of clay makers.
  • Memberships offer a full voting voice so that the direction of the association is always focused on the current needs of the members so that our direction is always relevant and current.
  • As a member you will be part of a community of diverse voices around ceramics while you build important sustainable and supportive relationships.
  • Members receive our bi-monthly newsletter detailing ceramic events, exhibitions, workshops, news and other opportunities around New Zealand and overseas.
  • Members can create listings in our national directory of studio potters and community studios.
  • Members are invited to various networking events and communities including regional catch ups, the NZ Pottery Clubs Network, and more.
  • Ceramics New Zealand is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva. Through your membership in Ceramics NZ you are represented to the international voice for ceramics.