Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau update – March/April 2024

Please check venues for their opening event dates.

Title:Final Resting Place
Exhibitor:Yeonjae Choi
Where:Window Gallery
When:31 January – 1 March
Exhibitor:An artist collective
Where:Arts House Trust
When:1 December 2023 – 3 March 2024
Title:Portage Ceramics Award
Exhibitor:An artist collective
Where:Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery
When:24 November 2023 – 3 March 2024
Title:Wide View
Exhibitor:An artist collective
Where:Masterworks Gallery
When:10 February – 9 March
Title:Biomorphic Beings
Exhibitor:Rose Lasham, Saskia van Dijk, Kiara Schaumkell & Sasha Ellis
When:10 February – 16 March
Title:Summer Show
Exhibitor:An artist collective
Where:Arthaus Contemporary
When:14 February – 10 March
Title:Earth Urns
Exhibitor:Naomi Allan
Where:Half Pint Gallery
When:25 February – 17 March
Exhibitor:Sung Hwan Bobby Park & Max Walker
Where:Public Record
When:28 February – 17 March
Title:Look Thrice
Exhibitor:Agata Leszczynska, Cobi tfj Bosch & Mike Crawshaw
Where:Gallery Anomalous
When:2 – 16 March
Title:BTM Offering
Exhibitor:Sung Hwan Bobby Park
Where:Auckland Museum
When:9 April @ 6pm
Exhibitor:Katarzyna Miściur
Where:The Pool Room Gallery
When:11 – 25 March
Title:A Sequence or the Breaking of …
Exhibitor:Aaron Scythe
Where:Masterworks Gallery
When:16 March – 27 April
Exhibitor:An artist Collective
Where:Sitting Room Gallery
When:4 – 24 April
Title:Phases of Illumination
Exhibitor:Strahan Clarke
Where:Eyes On Fire Gallery
When:5 – 26 April
Title:Properties in Matter
Exhibitor:Julie Cromwell
When:17 April – 12 May