Strategic Plan 2023-2027 published

Executive summary

The Ceramics Association of New Zealand Incorporated (CANZ or Ceramics NZ) is the national association for practitioners who work with clay in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This strategic plan is the result of extensive work carried out by the 2022/2023 Executive Council.  This strategic plan is underpinned by the reconfirmed mission and values of the organisation, and details our goals and plans for achieving those in the coming years.  It also details proposed changes to the organisational structure of the organisation to create a more inclusive, equitable, connected and responsive governance structure.  With this in mind we propose the following key activities for the next 4 years.

This Strategic Plan was adopted at the 2023 AGM and finalised in MAech 2024 by CANZ Council.

Proposed key Ceramics New Zealand Activities for 2023-2027

  • Continue Touring Potter programme (Kwak Kyungtae in 2024, 2025-27 tbc)
  • New Zealand National Ceramics Open Studios pilot in 2024
  • Partnership with Nelson Clay Week in 2024 and 2026
  • 61st National Exhibition in Auckland 2025
  • Publishing volumes 7 & 8 of Ceramics New Zealand Magazine
  • Establish online National Studio Potters’ Directory
  • Establish database of National Ceramics Events
  • Growing Council and improving our processes
  • Growing membership and develop a simple volunteering programme
  • Developing tools and resources to connect, promote & advocate for NZ clayworkers

Renewed focus on collaborative & inclusive kaupapa

Historical ceramic practice has been based upon the collective, and this culture of collaborative participation continues today across the country, and is reinforced now through the democratisation of digital media and online learning.  Potters and clay artists work collectively, fundraising for equipment and facilities, sharing kilns, studio spaces, outdoor firing etc.  The national association should reflect this ethos.

A small population, and therefore clay community, in New Zealand is unlikely to be large enough to sufficiently fund full time staff to do all the administrative and compliance tasks, correspondence with members, as well as organise national events and projects.  This type of organisation model with paid staff is now financially impossible in New Zealand without significant government funding, which is not a reliable long-term guaranteed source of income.

The following outlines Ceramic NZ’s strategic and business plan for 2023-26. This was be discussed at the 2023 AGM, revised as needed, finalised in March 2024.

With the removal of membership fees and paid staff, comes the responsibility for all members to work towards fulfilling the purpose, mission, and vision for CANZ.   The feasibility of this plan requires personal commitment to support the organisation towards those goals.  We therefore ask potters to step up, wherever possible, and undertake a volunteer role with CANZ. This might include editing the newsletter, contributing to our social media channels, helping reconcile accounts, liaising with sponsors, or whatever tasks align with your skills and interests.  In 2024 we will establish a clear volunteer programme but in the meantime reach out with any potential offer.

Council is optimistic and excited to be sharing this strategic plan for the next 4 years with you and hearing your feedback, as we embark on a new journey for The Ceramics Association of New Zealand.  We hope it is one of an on-going tradition of responding and adapting to the changing needs of clay workers in New Zealand that will continue for many years into the future.

This strategic plan has been developed with support from Briar Monro and approved by the 2022/2023 CANZ Executive Council as below.

  • Thomas Baker (Regional Council Member for Nelson & Marlborough)
  • Siripron Falcon-Grey (Regional Council Member for Auckland)
  • Kate Fitzharris (Regional Council Member for Otago & Southland)
  • Yasmin Franzmayr (Regional Council Member for Central North Island)
  • Nicole Gaston (Vice-president)
  • Graham Hay (Regional Council Member for Global Networks)
  • Karla Marie (Regional Council Member for Wellington & Western Districts)
  • Lois Orchard (Regional Council Member for Canterbury)
  • Becky Richards (Ceramics New Zealand Magazine Editor in Chief)

Read the full plan

Read the full  strategic plan CANZ 2023-2027 (.pdf)